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甘肃华源文化产业集团始创于 1993 年,是以文化产业为主、多元化经营的股份制企业,是2004国家文化部命名的第一批“国家文化产业示范基地”。经过二十多年的艰苦创业与改革创新,今天已发展成为西部文化产业行列中极具影响力和发展潜力的产业化、规模化、外向型企业。其经营范围涵盖文化产业项目投资文化资源开发对外经济、文化贸易、投资,文化创意产品设计生产销售文化创意产业园区规划文化产业孵化器建设运营,文化艺术人才培训数字影院建设演出经纪旅游宾馆服务等众多领域。

2012—2014年,集团公司先后在纽约设立“东方文化”(Eastern Culture Corp.)国际交流机构、“华源国际(美国)投资有限公司”(Huayuan International (U.S.A) Investment Co., Ltd. )等四家公司;2015年底在纽约成功建成美国东部第一家由华人设立的创业孵化平台——华源·纽约东方创客,成为甘肃省首家在海外设立分支机构的文化企业

    Huayuan in gansu province cultural industry group was founded in 1993, is a cultural industry primarily, diversified business of joint-stock enterprises, is the first batch of ministry of culture in 2004 that the northwest region's first \"national cultural industry demonstration base\". After 20 years of arduous pioneering and innovation, has developed into today western culture industry among the influential industrialization, large-scale, and the development potential of export-oriented enterprises. Its business scope covers cultural industry project investment, cultural resources development, foreign economic and trade, investment, culture, cultural creative product design production and sales, culture creative industry park planning and construction of the incubator of cultural industry operations, cultural and artistic talent training, the construction of digital cinema, performance brokerage, tourism and hotel service and so on many fields.

    In 2012-2014, the company has set up a \"Oriental Culture\" in New York (Eastern Culture corp.) International communication agencies, \"Huayuan International (USA) Investment Co., Ltd.\" (Huayuan International (U.S.A) Investment Co., Ltd.) and other four companies; Successfully built in the eastern United States in New York at the end of 2015 the first by the Chinese business incubation platform -- -- huayuan New York east chong, as the first to set up branches abroad for gansu province cultural enterprises.